HQP-Live is a system suitable for any indoor or outdoor live event production and webcast. It supports up to 6 cameras inputs and 12 switchable channels with features such as screen combinations, recording, video insertion, CG overlay, live score, prize draw, live streaming, and many more. With our additional wireless transmission technology, you can produce, record and broadcast high-quality events easily without worrying the space and location. 

For small virtual studio application, especially under 3 manpower condition, HQP-Live also provides Chromakey functions enable us to produce good quality online programs in an environment with a wide quality range of the studio lights. 

Five new useful features recently added in this system such as Digital Virtual PTZ, Costumized Cursor Playout, Remote Control, Playout Continuous Snapshot, and Quick Multi-language Subtitle Input. HQP-Live is the best choice of all-in-one live webcast system for most of events.


JU-SOFT has accumulated the technology and reputation of the broadcasting industry for the past 30 years, integrated various media technologies from successful product experience in the cable TV industry, and added the current production system features in the new solution to become a high capacity/price ratio solution. It is combined with: (1) FHD live production & broadcast/Webcast server (includes All-in-One, most of the features of the leader, subtitles, special effects, video recorders, stream encoders, etc.); (2) The FHD program playout scheduler which allows you prearrange the 30days monthly broadcast schedule or 24hrs daily broadcast schedule in advance, and playout through HD-SDI output interface or the network port. It is also possible to insert a live program rom the broadcast machine (1) in a scheduled program, and it is also possible to change the next program of the “Standby” program at any time. (3) The FHD program library server can classify programs into categories according to the type of content, and provide the broadcasting system to automatically load the videos which is ready to be played. The main function and advantage of the entire system connection library is the programs can be played and uploaded in 2 separated servers. The storage resources for the server CPU are scattered, so that the large file size and long copy time of the video clip upload operation will not affect the playout quality.It can show the best playout effect, and the video files can be well managed and storaged.