Maker Faire Taipei 2019

JU-SOFT will have a booth to exhibit the videography studio learning kit, "Just Produce It", at East-2 hall B-16 in Huasan Creative Park on 26th-27th, Oct., 2019.


At the end of 2018, our team developed a video production software package that is suitable for the use in teenages' educational field and can be used on the development of the young talents for broadcast and cultural and creative industries for the future. It can be used to realize some things in the studio similarly, but be reduced onto desks in a classroom for adolescents. It is a low-cost desktop virtual studio box that can process video production and is patented in multiple countries. With nearly 30 years of core technology in the broadcast industry, we hope to give a little effort to the development on the content of video cultural and creative industries.
This product includes many units with different applications, according to different applications, in addition to the software CD and USB authorized protector, also with the necessary materials and tools for users' operations. There are currently four of these application units, and some new topics or units are under developing and testing now. They are coming soon. Please wait and see.