Wireless video transmission in HQP-Live system

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When you process multi-camera connection program production task, how can you use the existing wireless technologies to improve the mobility of your camera operation? Actually, there are two methods can help you to finish this kind of task with JU-SOFT HQP-Live application.

(1) WiFi Video Transmission Technique: In 2.4G / 5G WiFi signal transmission, video and audio signals transmit from a camera, through a WiFi transmitter, and receiver, finally into any video switcher system with the same interface. Then, we can make video switching job between different camera footage including the wireless way. Select the best the best footage for webcast play-out.

(2) Mobile Mirror Projection Technique: iOS Devices can achieve the wireless connection with the video switcher by AirPlay technique. The video signal is initially from the mobile wireless transmits to an AirPlay compatible receiver, then into the video switcher. Android devices can make the wireless connection with the video switcher by Miracast technique. The video signals are firstly from the mobile wireless transmit to a Miracast compatible receiver, then into the video switcher.

Both of these two ways are adopted to be tested with JU-SOFT HQP-Live system now. They are fully compatible. But, one thing important is that people should know for all wireless transmission applications, the possibilities exists that the transmission can be affect or interfered by some environmental conditions. If you want to process wireless video transmission, you had better to check the place in advance where your system will be installed in. In case the quality of live video play-out will be unexpectedly influenced and delayed.


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