HQP-Live Software

HQP-Live VS6, VS9, VS12

HQP-Live software is suitable for seminars, wedding events, sports, house of worship, conferences, small studio and other with live event activities. It is easy to set up, easy to operate, with streamlined manpower, showing results comparable to TV broadcast.

HQP-Live software integrates Live Video Production features, including multi-camera monitoring and switching, screen combinations, recording, video insertion, computer graphic overlay, live score, lucky draw, live streaming and more as all-in-one system with user-friendly interface and simple operation. It can be connected to HQP-Live Mobile app, allowing you to have real time interactive features such as prize draw and questionnaire with audiences.

HQP-Live software products are developed for customers who already have compatible computers amd video hardware or want to produce integrated system for reselling. We suggest that you use either one of the following capture cards(Blackmagic, Magewell, or Yuan) for compatibility.