HQP -Live BiCAM a smaller version of our professional live streaming solution ideal for laptops. They can support 2 camera live-inputs respectively. The HQP Live BiCAM have all the similar features as the standard version. It is still very affordable for a single user who is looking broadcast live events, live small virtual studio production or any other small live events without making a dent in the pocket.


Some of the features that can be used are pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ)- where one video input can be used to make multiple video sources, interactive Live Streaming using image capture which can enable real time interaction with viewers on social media like Facebook or even make live calls via Skype, use PowerPoint presentation or anything else that can be displayed on windows desktop. CG, Chromakey and a host of other features are also available.

You have the option of buying our turnkey product or software package only. Please check the hardware performance of your computer first. Click here to get more information about hardware selection principles before your HQP-Live software installation.

◎ Live Streaming

◎ Live Video Recording

◎ Split Screen

◎ Picture-in-Picture

◎ Digital Audio Mixing

◎ AD/Video Insertion

◎ Chroma Key & App GIF Sticker Generator

◎ CG/ Text/ Subtitle Overlay

◎ Live Sports Scoreboard

◎ Playout Region Selectabe Screen Dynamic Capture

◎ Self-directed Remote Control

◎ Digital Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom

◎ Customized Playout Cursor

◎ Turn single camera source into 4 virtual cameras