HQP-Live Professional

HQP-Live Professional is a system suitable for professional live webcast and event production. It supports six camera inputs and 12 switchable channels with features such as screen combinations, recording, video insertion, CG overlay, live score, prize draw, live streaming, and many more. With its wireless transmission technology, you can produce, record and broadcast high-quality events easily without worrying the space and location. 

  • It is suitable for filming or recording all kinds of live events
  • With its modular cabinet design, HQP-Live Professional is easy to handle and install
  • It is equipped with wireless technology for video transmission
  • It supports multi-angle shooting scene with up to six cameras
  • It provides 4 Chroma-Key channels which allow you to create fantastic event with different virtual background images or videos
  • Built-in software-based channel switcher and CG to produce your events easily and efficiently
  • It can be connected to HQP-Live Mobile app, allowing you to view the event in our app and using our app features
  • It supports HD video recording with synchronized camera signals
  • Built-in redundant power
  • With 4TB built-in hard drive (Mirror), It can store about 400 hours of 20Mbps video files
  • It comes with Uninterruptible Power Supply for emergency power.
  • It is packaged with Portable Signal Transmission Backpack which equipped with wi-fi transmitter and power supply allowing you to use HQP-Live for 4 hours without needing to plug it into power socket.

Multi-camera Monitoring and Switching

  • Simultaneously monitor up to 6 HD-SDI/HDMI camera inputs
  • Provide 12 channels which can be set as up to 6 Live Inputs and the others can be set as SFX channels such as Picture in Picture, Picture and Picture, Screen Capture, up to 4 Chroma Keys, Images.
  • Direct select the channel or preview to confirm before broadcasting
  • Quick switching between Live using Hot-Key function

Graphics (CG) Overlay

  • Supports 20 CG templates
  • Adjustable texts and images parameters and positions
  • Supports Crawl/running text and logos
  • Quick Apply CG with one-click

Screen Combinations (PIP and PNP)

  • Picture-in-Picture: overlay one live channel on other channels in a range of customizable sizes and positions.
  • Picture-and-Picture: put two live channels side by side.

Chroma key Layering and Switching

  • Supports up to 4 Chroma key channels.
  • When the film camera shots an actor's performance in front of a green or blue screen, HQP-Live can instantly combine the actor together with an image or video.
  • One Chroma key channel with a video source can be superimposed on the scene in three different timeline.

Playout Region Selectable Screen Dynamic Capture

  • Capture PC screen such as source:
    - PowerPoint presentations
    - Web pages
    - Documents
  • The source from screen capture can be overlaid on live streaming.

Transition Effects

  • 20 selectable transition effects, including one-way, two-way, round, diamond-type transitions, etc.
  • Choose your 10 favorite video effects to be displayed on main interface.

Audio Mixer

  • Support HDMI audio/SDI audio in/Line-In
  • Mix multiple audio sources as the final audio output
  • Support Audio Delay

Video File Insertion

  • Supports AD files preview
  • Dynamically edit videos start/end time.
  • Supports seamless switching between Live and video files
  • Support most Windows compatible video formats

Live Scoreboard

  • Display the scoreboard CG on Live output for sports matches
  • Real time score updating

Real Time Interactive (Lucky draw and Questionnaire)

  • Using the built-in lucky draw software, the editor can create question, answer options, and prize name/photo.
  • Use CG to broadcast question and answer options
  • Transmit the questions and answer options to audience phones via Wi-Fi
  • Collects the answer statistical results and determines the total number of lucky draw participants
  • Shuffle the number to find the winner
  • Show winner’s name and prize name/photo, live on the projection screen and Internet

Live Event Recording

  • Live event recording: record the whole live event including CG/effects/video files insertion, etc.
  • Multi-camera synchronized recording: Each recording file have same time line.

Live Projection

  • Connect via HDMI to large projection screen.
  • Supports 4:3 and 16:9 projector screen.

Live Streaming

  • HQP-Live supports virtual devices and can be connected to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) or third-party Live streaming application, allowing the video to be sent to YouTube, Ustream, and other famous Live streaming websites.
  • Audiences can watch the videos through a mobile, a tablet, a smart TV, computers, and other devices.