HQP-1452 Playout Server

HQP-1452 playout server is the highest performance playout system in HQP-1000 series and suitable for HQP-Bplayer Ultimate Version.
It uses 4U rack-mount chassis with 3 high speed cooling fans to prevent overheat issue.
This model is mostly used for the standard TV station that needs the best broadcast performance and specific playout purpose. It provides MPEG-TS streaming with 4 different bitrates and resolutions.

The advantages of HQP-1452 playout server:
1. High-performances for all HQP-series software.
2. Good ventilation to insure long time work stability.

  • Built-in HQP-VLib used for video database management.
  • Built-in HQP-IEditor for remote editing playlist.
  • Use In-point and Out-point to separate video into several parts without re-render it.
  • Provide VTrim tool to real time preview and edit in-point and out-point.
  • Live signal and video files can be scheduled in a playlist.
  • Seamless switch between Live and video file Live signal and video files can be switched using GPI Trigger Signal.
  • Support both loop playlist and 24-hour daily playlist.
  • Pre-schedule the playlist playing date
  • Supports 3 overlay logos
  • Supports 3 kinds of text (crawl text, program title, and subtitle).
  • Supports dynamic editing when on-air.
  • As-run Log files to record play time and system log.
  • Support all functions of HQP-BPlayer standard version.
  • Support Mainconcept Codec
  • Accept MXF video files
  • Video-Logging function allows recording audio, video, and metadata as WMV file.
  • Support Cue-Tone signal auto detection.
  • Support Cue-Tone signal generating.
  • Support Redundant playout system
  • Support all functions of HQP-BPlayer standard and professional version.
  • Support H.264 MPEG-TS stream output
  • Support up to 4 streams in different resolution and bitrate.


Single Channel Broadcast Playout Server

HQP-1452 Playout Server combined with our playout software, HQP-BPlayer can create single channel broadcast system. HQP-1452 has the highest performance in HQP-1000 series. It is suitable with HQP-BPlayer Standard Version and Professional Version as well as Ultimate version. The features of HQP-1452 Playout Server as below:

Input/Output Interface
  • HDMI
  • Composite / component (audio : balanced/unbalanced)
    Note: Depend on video card
Supported Video File Formats
  • Format : MPG, AVI, WMV, ASF, and MXF* (*PRO and ULT version only)
  • Duration : Minimum 5 seconds.
  • Resolutions 240p~1080p.
  • Maximum Bitrate : 50Mbps.
Video Router Support
  • Blackmagic
  • AJA
  • Evertz

Multi-Channel Broadcast Playout Server

Features are the same with Single Channel Broadcast System, except Redundant function.
Support 2-4 Multi-channel


4U 19" Rack-mount Server

Data HDD Capacity


Display Interface



1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports

USB Interface

2 front USB2.0 + 5 rear USB2.0 & 2 rear USB 3.0

Internal Power

Redundant 500W Power supply

External Power



Height 177 mm / Width 437 mm / Depth 530 mm

Net Weight

22 kg

Video Interface