HQP-1608VL Video Library Server

HQP-1608VL is a 1U Rackmount Chassis Server Computer, fitted with high capacity disk array and HQP-VLib software, capable of forming a multi-channel TV broadcast system video library. VLib database stores the metadata and the capacity of the fault-tolerant disk array storing the real media file is up to 4 TB. It can support 4 HQP-BPlayer TV broadcast servers and seamlessly broadcast programs and commercials round the clock. NAS disk array can be expanded to support more channels if necessary

HQP-1608VL Software Package

  • HQP-VLib : Video library
  • HQP-IEditor : Remote playlist editor
  • HQP-VLib client : Remote media file import
  • Windows 2012 Server

HQP-VLib Software Features

  • Add and name TV channels
  • Set media file import path of each channel
  • Designate save path of media files of each channel
  • Delete files hasn’t been played the longest to clear hard drive space
  • Check and adjust consistency of database and media files
  • Manage user’s account and authority
  • VLib-client application can be installed on a remote PC for users to edit metadata before importing media clips
  • Preview media file to confirm program content
  • Select subtitle file
  • Select secondary audio file
  • Set trim in/out point for commercial breaks
  • Designate program name
  • Designate logo graphic
  • Designate rating logo graphic
  • Auto-check media file format and duration before importing
  • Manage speed of copying media files to avoid traffic jam of Internet and hard drive


Program Import and Export

VLib software is able to arrange different channels to use different media file import paths. By copying media files into designate import path(s), the files will be automatically imported into video library. Compatibility and duration of each file will be checked before importing, and its file name will be set as program title first. Users can edit the metadata after importing completion is made. If import path is set in an FTP server, files can be imported via Internet. Field information of media file in VLib database for scheduling playlist includes starting/ending point, media file path, logo graphic, subtitle…etc, enabling users to export metadata into playlist without typing to lessen the chance of making mistakes.

HQP-VLib Metadata Field

  • Program ID : Serial number of each media file
  • Program name : Can set as program title
  • Compression : MPEG2、H.264、WMV…
  • Category : Program, commercial, trailer…
  • Min. clip duration : More than 5 seconds
  • Actual video length
  • Actual audio length
  • Trim in/out point : Use timecode to present / Up to 64 sections
  • Logo graphic : Name of Targa file
  • Rating logo graphic : Name of Targa file
  • Media file save path
  • Subtitle file save path
  • 2nd audio file save path
  • Volume adjust : 0.0~4.0,default 1.0
  • Aspect ratio convert : 0~100
  • Import date
  • Modified date
  • Last played date
  • Remark : any notes

Video Library Disk Capacity and Bandwidth

HQP-1608VL uses four 4TB disks to constitute a RAID-10 disk array (one hot spare disk) with 4TB available capacity. In other words, it has the capacity to store files for eight channels to broadcast ten days in a row. The highly reliable 24/7 enterprise disk can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HQP-1608VL should be used with a Network management Switch. It can not only control the flow of each connector, but also combine four 1Gbit networks into a 4Gbit high speed network, capable of freely importing media files and the related files and sending the needed files to each broadcast PC.

Redundant VLib System Configuration



1U 19" Rack-mount Server

Data HDD Capacity

2TBx2, RAID-1

Display Interface



2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports

USB Interface

2 USB2.0 Front + 5 USB 2.0 Rear

Internal Power

Redundant 500W Power supply

External Power



Height 43 mm / Width 437 mm / Depth 650 mm

Net Weight

14.5 kg

Hardware Catalog Manual
HQP-1608VL Video Library Server