Video Switcher/Live Production Software Features

1. 2-channel FHD camera input
2. 6-channel FHD screen switching guide
3. FHD quality video recording
4. 20 Transition effects, 25 foreground animation, 40 virtual background pictures
5. Split screen, Picture in Picture
6. Video insertion, photo insertion, foreground background animation overlaying
7. Logo icon display, crawltext display
8  Professional subtitles, Graphic Overlaying
9. Output screen snapshot
10. PNG stop animation generator
11. GIF animation generator
12. Cursor picture broadcast
13. Blue-green chromakey background removing

P.s. These functions may not be executed at the same time depending on your computer performance. It is necessary to use 70% of the CPU resources and then use them in combination.

Recommended hardware specifications: Using personal Laptop or desktop PC to simulate video switcher

Reference hardware specifications: Self-provided laptop or desktop computer
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 sixth generation 4 core CPU or higher
Memory: Dual 16GB DDR4 2133 (8GB X2 30% faster than single 16GB)
Storage hard disk: Solid state hard disk (system C:) + solid state hard disk or 7200rpm traditional hard disk (data D:)
Display screen: FHD 1920x1080 monitor
Image capture: USB3.0 interface or higher
Image output: FHD projector output port (Powerful independent display card is no need, use CPU built-in display chipset display function)

⚠The product on this page contains 1 USB2.0 webcam.

Learning Subtopics 1. - Storyteller Studio (Screenwriter Career Experience)

  • children can record self-made video stories
  • children can practice their narrative ability
  • Developing scripts writing and story organization
  • Entertaining by role playing
  • Know the basic knowledge of studio live production and videography
  • Children's videos can be shared with each other
  • The course can be integrated with the results of the art or computer drawing class
  • Early contact with the common sense of the broadcast industry
  • Cultivate the next generation for soft power

Learning Subtopics 2. - COOL Producer (Special Effects Animator Career Experience)

  • Learning stop frame animation 
  • learning virtual studio animation
  • Combine teens' favorite anime elements
  • Cultivate concertration and focused personality traits
  • Practice making virtual/real characters and scenes
  • Complete complex video processing in the easiest way
  • Student's good videos can be shared on the web
  • Developing digital content creation
  • Awareness of the career of animation practitioners

Learning Subtopics 3. FUN Sticker Maker (Videographer/Artist Career Experience)

  • Learning to make composite photos
  • Learning to make personalized stickers
  • Learning to make personalized social media GIF stickers
  • Practice picture composition
  • Using computer graphics drawing picture
  • Understand the chromakey principle of videography
  • Can be used as a fun photo booth for any event
  • Learning from fun

Learning Subtopics 4. Genius News Anchor (Program Host / News Anchor Career Experience)

  • Cultivate small news anchor, young Youtuber
  • Training the courage of a speech 
  • Traing the reaction on the spot against hight pressure
  • Organization of writing ability of briefing materials
  • Can be combined with school PPT briefing teaching
  • Can combine the results of school computer graphic courses
  • Can be applied to the internship of campus radio station
  • To realize the operating procedures in the TV studio
  • Awareness of the career of journalists