HQP-VLib-1154 - Video Storage Library


1. Add and name TV channels
2. Set media file import path of each channel
3. Designate save path of media files of each channel
4. Delete files hasn’t been played the longest to clear hard drive space
5. Check and adjust consistency of database and media files
6. Manage user’s account and authority
7. VLib-client application can be installed on a remote PC for users to edit metadata before importing media clips
8. Preview media file to confirm program content
9. Select subtitle file
10. Select secondary audio file
11. Set trim in/out point for commercial breaks
12. Designate program name
13. Designate logo graphic
14. Designate rating logo graphic
15. Auto-check media file format and duration before importing
16. Manage speed of copying media files to avoid traffic jam of Internet and hard drive


  • CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2620, 6 cores CPU (Option: E5-2660/E5-2890 8 cores CPU)
  • Memory : 16GB, 4 Banks ECC DDR3 (Option: 32GB-256GB Memory)
  • System Disk : 60GB, SSD(SLC) (Option: 2nd offline System Disk)
  • Data Disk : 3.6TB, 2TB x 4 ,RAID-10, enterprise 7.2K HDD (Option: 5.4-7.2TB RAID-10)
  • PCI Slop : PCI-e 16X1 and PCI-e 8X1
  • Display card : HD 5450 DVI / HDMI / D-SUB
  • Video interface : Decklink Duo, 2-channels HD-SDI input / output
  • Power Supply : 500W Redundant high-efficiency power supply、AC 100V~240V
  • Chassis : 1U Rack mount,650 X 437 X 43 mm、5 kg
  • Operating System : Windows 7 Pro 64bits (option: Win-7 Ultimate 64bits)