Multi Channels Redundant Playout System

If you are planing to create multi channels broadcasting system, please consider our multi channels redundant playout system structure.
In our system solution, all channel's playout servers are redundant system in order to enhance the system stability.
HQP-VLib server(video library) is also redundant to make sure data safty.
Daily job is to upload media files to HQP-VLib server and edit daily playlist using HQP-IEditor PC through LAN.
You require very little manpower to manage the whole system.
Our multi channels redundant playout system offers you a more stable and efficient solution.

The figure on the right side is the structure chart of multi channels redundant playout system:

What you need to construct a multi channels redundant playout system:

  1. HQP-BPlayer Pro Playout server * 2 * channel number
  2. HQP-VLlib Server * 2 + HQP-9100 NAS Storage * 2 + HQP-9101 NAS Storage Expansion * 2
  3. HQP-9010 Dual Video Monitor * 1
  4. HQP-9030 Smart VideoHub * 1
  5. HQP-9050 Managed Gigabit Stwitch * 1