Single Channel Playout System

One HQP-BPlayer playout system can be used to broadcast 1 SD or HD television channel 24/7.
Video program files and advertisements can be added to built-in HQP-VLib (single) with some attached information such as program logo, program title, subtitle, secondary audio file, etc.
Program staff can edit daily playlist using HQP-IEditor PC through LAN and upload daily playlist to HQP-BPlayer server after finish editing.
The program and advertisement will be broadcasted at the appointed time automatically.
HQP-BPlayer playout system is the most economical and practical way to construct a HD/SD TV broadcasting channel.

The figure on the top of the right side is the structure chart of single channel playout system:

What you need to construct a single channel playout system:

  1. HQP-BPlayer Playout System * 1 (Builtin HQP-VLib Single)
  2. HQP-9010 Dual Video Monitor * 1 (Monitor video input/output)
  3. HQP-9030 Smart Videohub * 1 (Use to integrate video source)
  4. HQP-9050 Managed Gigabit Switch * 1  (Construct a local network to guarantee bandwidth)

Single Channel Dual Redundant Playout System

Construct a redundant playout system can obviously enchance the stability of TV channel broadcasting.
Under redundant mode, master and backup playout server are automatically synchronized.
When master playout server break down, backup playout server will seamlessly take over the broadcasting job.
Engine room staff should quickly repair the master playout system and put it back online to restore redundant mode.

The figure on the bottom of the right side is the structure chart of single channel redundant playout system:

What you need to construct a single channel redundant playout system:

  1. HQP-BPlayer Pro Playout system * 2
  2. HQP-VLlib Server * 1 + HQP 9100 NAS Storage * 1
  3. HQP-9010 Dual Video Monitor * 1
  4. HQP-9030 Smart Videohub * 1
  5. HQP-9050 Managerable Gigabit Switch * 1