Small Virtual Studio Building-up

For new media, IPTV channel, or social media live streaming, it is easier to build up a small virtual studio in the company building, in the school ,or even in the house than which in the pass. espacially using HQP-Live be a standard equipment in your virtual studio. The basic elements of virtual video studio constructiion are:

2.Video: a. Video Capture
              b. Chromakey Effect
              c. Video Switching
              d. Video Effects
              e. Character Generation
              f. Recording
3.Audio: a. Sound Effect
              b. Audio Mixing
4.Playout (unnecessary in studio operation stage)

In the right side figure, it shows all things become simple and low-cost with a HQP-Live system in your small virtual studio. For example, a 6 m X 4m room space, you just need to prepare 4~6 LED studio lights, at least 1 directional microphone, 1 green video backdrop screen and 1~4 Full-HD camcorders with their tripods. 
Because of HQP-Live combining almost all video and audio functions, it makes anyone who want to produce live program to quickly and easily enter the live/video promotion phase of their business. It is so easy to build-up a studio with JU-SOFT HQP-Live.