FAQs for Troubleshooting

Q1.Camera is connected, but no video is displayed
  • Please confirm that the Blackmagic video input setting is set to HDMI.
  • Please confirm that this is not HDMI cable issue.
  • Please confirm that HDMI Wi-Fi transmitter and receiver pairing was successful.
Q2.HQP-Live Video Switcher area shows black screen
Please confirm the video source format is consistent with HQP-Live video format, for example, HQP-Live video format is 1080p, so the input must be 1080p.
Q3.HD-SDI / HDMI output no screen
Q4.HQP-Live does not turn ON, no lights display.
  • Please confirm that HQP-Live power cable is connected to power outlet.
  • Please confirm that the switch behind the HQP-Live host is turned on.
  • Please confirm that the UPS power is turned on.
  • Please confirm that the rear multi-outlet extension switch is turned on.
Q5.HQP-Live is turned ON, but no picture on the screen
Please confirm that the monitor is connected correctly to HQP-Live host and the monitor cable is connected to power source.
Q6.Keyboard and mouse cannot be used
Please confirm by pressing the NumLock button on keyboard. If the indicator lights bright, so it works, otherwise there is problem with the connection and try to re-insert it. Please also confirm that the Mouse is connected to the host properly or try to re-insert it.
Q7.You certain that UPS is connected to power source, but there is no response.
  • Check the power cord connector.
  • Replace the fuse (spare fuse is located in a small drawer below the power line, behind the UPS).
  • Check the power outlet.
Q8.UPS output is normal, but the LED indicator displays red light and continuous beeping, and indicator displays overload.
Please reduce the connected load.
Q9.The LED indicator displays red light and continuous beeping, but UPS has no output and indicator displays overload.
Press control button, cancel the beep, and then reduce the load.
Q10.Lack of back-up time provided by UPS.
Please first suspend the UPS, and charge the battery for 10 hours, then boot it again. If the situation is the same, it means the battery needs to be replaced.
Q11.Control button is not responding
  • Hold down the control button for at least ten seconds to reset the CPU.
  • Connect the AC power cord and remove the load, shut down the UPS, and please contact us.
Q12.In Normal mode, when you press the control button for testing, UPS beeps fast (8 times per second) and the red LED flashes brightly, or indicator displays
The battery needs to be replaced, please contact us.
Q13.I cannot connect the Wi-Fi transmitter and receiver. Monitor screen shows no video.
Please make sure the source cable is connected to the transmitter HDMI port properly and also make sure the receiver is connected to the HQP-Live machine correctly (refer to User Manual).
Q14.All lines have been connected correctly, but there’s still no image
Please make sure the external source device is turned on and make sure the input source video format has the same resolution with HQP-Live. (For example: HQP-Live video format is set to 1080p, so the input must be 1080p)
Q15.Video quality is poor
User needs to adjust the transmitter and the receiver's position, preferably put them facing each other.
Q16.I have tried all the methods above, but still no video image is displayed
Please make sure to use Wi-Fi module set with the same number, the video input source is connected to Wi-Fi transmitter, and Wi-Fi receiver is connected to HQP-Live machine.

FAQs on HQP-Live

Q1.What is HQP-Live?
HQP-Live is a highly integrated live production computer system. Depending on model number and software license, up to 6 camera inputs can be displayed on computer screen. The system also provides video sources directing and switching, screen combinations, video effects, CG display and editing, live projection screen broadcast and easy to connect to YouTube.
Q2.What are the differences between HQP-Live and traditional TV production switcher?
HQP-Live is the TV production and broadcasting system which developed to cater the coming Internet generations. It has the same functionality as the traditional switcher, but more towards to computer operating concept. Users can easily display video sources on computer screen and switch between to broadcast on screen immediately. People who familiar with computer window can quickly learn how to operate.
Q3.What kinds of video sources can be used on HQP-Live?
HQP-Live features 12 Video Sources Preview Area, comprising: Live Sources, Picture in Picture (PIP), Split Screen, Still Image, Screen Capture, Chroma Key. HQP-Live also provides Video Files Playlist, CG templates, Crawl/Running Text, Timer/Date/Clock/Score and Prize Draw CG.
Q4.What camera input formats are compatible with HQP-Live?
HQP-Live R-1.00 must use camera with 1920x1080 Full HD resolution, with 8 bits YUV422 or 10 bits YUV444 image format and 48K / 16Bit / Stereo audio format.
Q5.What is output signal format of HQP-Live?
HQP-Live supports SDI / HDMI output signals with 1920x1080 Full HD resolution, selectable Frame Rate: 59.94i / 60i / 50i, and 16Bits, 48Kps, Stereo Audio format. HQP-Live provides Virtual Capture Device which can be connected to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Internet streaming format must be first set in OBS. Full HD or HD stream format can be chose in accordance with computer performance and network bandwidth.
Q6.Are there any display differences between HQP-Live and motherboard/display card HDMI output?
Normally, HDMI output by computer monitors standards uses 32 bit/pixel, 60p progressive scan. HQP-Live HDMI output is based on television broadcast standards, it uses 16 bit/pixel (YUV-422), 60i interlaced scan. If you use HDMI output from motherboard display port or display card, maybe you will see the Crawl text wavering on the screen. If you use HQP-Live HDMI Output to direct output the video, you will not see that situation because HQP-Live HDMI Output consumes fewer computer power resources, resulting stable Crawl text.
Q7.What kinds of audio sources can HQP-Live receive?
HQP-Live can receive audio sources from a camera and computer audio input. Users can specify a video source frame to receive an audio source. You can choose original camera sound or computer audio inputs such as Line In / Mic In / Stereo-Mixer (speaker output sound).
Q8.What kinds of Video Effects does HQP-Live provide?
Users can set 6-10 video effects shortcuts on HQP-Live Main window. There are 20 Video effects such as Fade, Wipe, Left to Right, etc. are available to be chosen. Users can set the transition speed, choose directions and different patterns according to their needs.
Q9.Does HQP-Live provide PIP and Split Screen?
HQP-Live provides 12 video sources preview which can be set to multiple Picture In Picture (PIP), one Split Screen. Users can easily use mouse to broadcast or switch between.
Q10.Can we capture the computer screen and use it as source?
Yes. HQP-Live provides Screen Capture feature. You can capture computer screens such as program interface, web page, documents, power point presentations, etc. and broadcast it easily just by clicking the mouse on it. HQP-Live software interface can be set to some different screen resolutions, for example: 1280x720, it will display HQP-Live in smaller screen allowing you to display other software, such as PowerPoint, Skype, FB, Line, etc. HQP-Live can also capture video materials and broadcast it in full screen.
Q11.Can HQP-Live broadcast PowerPoint presentation from another computer?
Yes. If you want to broadcast PowerPoint presentation from another computer, you can connect the computer to HQP-Live server via HDMI interface. HQP-Live will receive the computer screen as source allowing you to display and control the presentation.
Q12.Does HQP-Live have laser pointer feature for PowerPoint presentations?
Yes, HQP-Live Screen Capture has a feature to show the pointer, displayed as small red circle, when you broadcast the PowerPoint presentation, allowing you to point on presentation screen.
Q13.Does HQP-Live support dual monitor screen operation?
Yes, when you want to capture larger screen, you can use dual display screen operation. First, HQP-Live should be moved to the second display screen for the operation. The first display screen is reserved for PowerPoint or other software which need to be captured using Screen Capture function. Maximum computer screen capture area is 1280x720, but it can be enlarged to 1920x1080 (Full Screen) when you broadcast it.
Q14.Does HQP-Live have Chroma Key feature?
Yes, it has. Chroma Key is also known as virtual background filming, for instance: When shooting people performances in front of green background, HQP-Live is able to remove green background and replace it with pictures or videos. The person can be shown as if he is performing in the beautiful garden, but actually the garden doesn’t exist. That’s why it is called virtual background filming. HQP-Live Chroma key is able to use windows image files and video files as a virtual background depending on user needs.
Q15.Can we use another color besides green for Chroma Key backdrop?
Theoretically, any colors can be use as Chroma Key backdrop. But in practice, because the image of person contains skin and lips colors, so it may contain orange, red, or purple colors. So, normally orange, red and purple shouldn’t be used as backdrop color. Generally, green and blue, or colors between green and blue should be used as Chroma Key backdrop color.
Q16.Does backdrop shadow affect Chroma Key operation?
Shadow caused by the light does not affect Chroma Key operation, unless the shadow is black. Usually with indoor lights, a green curtain hanging can be used for Chroma Key filming. Some creases or shadows on the green curtain/backdrop will not affect Chroma Key operation.
Q17.Can we use consumer-level cameras for Chroma Key?
Yes, HQP-Live Chroma Key supports YUV-444 / 1080P Professional cameras and YUV-422 / 1080i consumer-level cameras.
Q18.Can we simultaneously use multiple camera sources as Chroma Key
Yes, you can. HQP-Live software allows you to set maximum 4 Chroma-Key video sources in Video Sources Area (depending on computer performance, turnkey model number and software license). Each Chroma-Key background can be set as image or broadcast screen/video..
Q19.Can Chroma Key key multi-camera sources with the same background?
Yes, it can. For example, If you want to create video showing 3 persons from 3 different camera sources and angles, you need to first set the first camera source with a static image as its background, then display it on broadcast screen. Then, set the other Chroma Key backgrounds as video/playout background. Displaying these Chroma Key will not switch the broadcast screen, but overlaying the broadcast screen.
Q20.Can video files be used as Chroma Key source?
Yes, they can. You can use the video showing the figure in front of green background. The video file can be opened from Video Files Playlist Area, then it can be set as Chroma Key filming sources. The photographer can use single camera to interview someone in front of green curtain. By using HQP-Live Chroma Key, the green background can be replaced with a virtual background. You can also prepare a video about person asking a list of questions with time distance between questions in front of green curtain. Then you can play it and replace the original background with virtual background. At the same time, you can shoot the person who answers the questions and display altogether to audiences.
Q21.What is File View/Video Files Playlist?
Q22.What is the function of Timer and Score CG?
Timer and Score can be used for competition TV Show, which you can set the Team Logo. The game Timer can be set to Up Timer or Down Timer. Score function can displays the score of each team. You can either press +/- keys or type to adjust the scores, depending on the pre-determined before broadcasting.
Q23.What is the function of Prize Draw CG?
HQP-Live provides Prize Draw CG with special function. The principle is to draw a set of numbers, representing the number of participants. Then the software will generate a random number as the winning number. To improve the live prize draw atmosphere, HQP-Live can use a set of pictures as animation. The speed of animation will be fast at the beginning of the draw then gradually slows down and finally stops, then showing the winning number. If necessary, user can also display prize name and photo to broadcast screen.
Q24.Do HQP-Live provides
Live Questionnaire is an optional purchase feature. HQP-Live Web Server needs to be installed before this feature can be used. You can transmit “multiple choice questions” to the audiences through Wi-Fi and HQP-Live mobile app. Audiences can connect to the server via Wi-Fi, display, then answer the questions on HQP-Live app. The system will collect the answer statistical results and determines the total number of prize draw participants. The function can be linked with Prize Draw CG to show the prize drawing and display the winning numbers, winner names, prize images, and prize names. The whole process will be Live on the web.
Q25.Is there Demo version of HQP-Live?
Yes, there is. Users can download HQP-Live App-Pack and Demo-Pack from JU-SOFT website: http//:www.jusoft.com.tw. > PRODUCT> Software> HQP-Live Express page. Please download both files and after installing, click “HQP-Live Demo” icon on your desktop to start test HQP-Live operation. The minimum requirements of your computer: Intel-i7 CPU, >8GB DRAM. If the computer has no video capture card and no camera is connected, HQP-Live will use video files as input source. You can use 2-4 video sources to practice operating HQP-Live. The number of cameras which can be simulated are depending on the performance of the computer.
Q26.How to get input source from live camera in HQP-Live?
Depending on the model of your HQP-Live. If it supports up to 6 camera inputs, please go to channel 1 to 6, press the right mouse button, and choose one input source you want.
Q27.What is the suitable footages/virtual background image format for Chroma key function?
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Q28.What file type should I use for channel logo?
Targa format (.tga).
Q29.If I am having many videos running concurrently at the same time, Will it cause the CPU level to go up?
In order to maintain stable long broadcast, CPU usage should be kept below 50%. If the computer is running other software which consume a lot of CPU or hard disk performance and the duration is too long, it could affect the HQP-Live performance, resulting in poor video as well as system crash.
Q30.Does HQP-Live support for multi-language interfaces?
At this moment, only English and Chinese languages are available in HQP-Live’s language selector but we can customize the user interface with other languages to suit you.
Q31.Does HQP-Live support alpha transparency?
Yes, it does. You can use lower thirds with alpha transparency and overlay it over the video output.
Q32.Can I use screen capture feature to capture audio? i.e. from YouTube/skype
Yes, you can. You can use Audio Mixer function to receive and mix the audio from YouTube or Skype with the audio from other input sources.
Q33. Can new fonts be added for Crawling/Running Text?
The HQP-Live font styles are retrieved from Windows system. If you want to add different font styles, please add the font in this directory: C:WindowsFonts
Q34.Does HQP-Live support Dual-monitor?
Yes, it does. You will find “Move HQP-Live to Monitor-2” option when right clicking on program output window.
Q35.Can I use split screen function to show the user and the captured screen such as Web browser, etc?
Yes, you can. Here is the steps:
1. Right click on channel, for example: no. 5 and select PnP mode.
2. Choose PnP left channel, for example: channel number 1.
3. Choose PnP right channel, for example: channel number 2 or select other channel which you have previously set as the still image mode.
4. Click middle mouse button on channel number 5 to display the output on the program output window.
5. Overlay the current output window with the channel you have previously set as the screen capture mode.
Q36.Can I use the HQP-Live with an external switcher?
We do have a HOT KEYS feature which you can use to replace traditional switcher. In the case you need the switcher to control the output, then you can follow below steps to operate the switcher and HQP-Live at the same time:
1. Connect the external switcher to the HQP-LIVE. Be informed that if you use external switcher, the HQP-Live will only receive one output from the switcher.
2. After plugging the switcher, go to HQP-Live main interface, right click on channel number 1 and select your switcher type from video source’s dropdown menu.
3. Let say, you have 4 inputs and you have set them on the switcher. When you press one button, for example: button number 2 on the switcher, the output will go to channel number 1 on the HQP-Live.
4. Click middle mouse button on the channel number 1 to switch program output window with the output you received from the switcher.
Q37. Is HQP-Live license based? Or one-time purchase?
Both HQP-Live turnkey and software solutions support perpetual license with no expiration date.
Q38. HQP-Live input flickers when receiving from laptop.
Please check the Screen resolution of the laptop, make sure it is 1920x1080.
For example, if you use PowerPoint,please follow this:
Q39.HQP-Live doesn't recognize the Live input after changing camera.
Please try restarting HQP-Live after changing the camera, then try again.